It's finally here! Shea oil for body & hair

What is shea oil? Have you ever used shea oil before? If not, you've came to the right place.

We have a new product fresh from Ghana!

At TAMA Cosmetics, we produce both shea butter and shea oil products. The major difference between shea butter and shea oil is the texture, one is butter and one is oil.

Our TAMA Intensive Shea Oil for Hair Repair is special because it contains baobab oil and sunflower oil, both high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. These ingredients are vital for hair growth. This product will naturally detangle hair for an all-day glow, repair damaged hair, promote hair growth and sooth a dry and irritated scalp. Known as hair fertilizer, it promotes hair growth and protects the scalp from dandruff keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

TAMA Shea Oil for Body contains argan oil and baobab oil, which are great for dry skin and also serves as natural baby oil. It is a unique blend of shea oil and baobab oil from Ghana and argan oil from Morocco. This body oil is naturally rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants to promote a younger-looking skin. It is a quick absorbing liquid moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated in driest and coldest conditions. It helps promote cell regeneration, growth, and protection. Made from natural ingredients that are safe to use for all ages, it is a perfect way of getting smooth and silky skin.

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  • First, I fell in love for the hand cream and after for this oil. My son has dry skin and in winter is even worst, this oil spreads nicely and does not go away overnight. This is the second winter my son is using it and I will continue this year in summer. I have a very dry hands an the hand cream is the best ever!!
    I am soo happy i can find Tama products in Canada and even better online!…


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