TAMA Cosmetics are unique because of the high percentage of natural shea butter. We invest in natural and affordable shea-based bath and beauty products sourced through an ethical and environmentally friendly supply chain.
Based in Tamale in Northern Ghana, an underdeveloped region with limited economic opportunities, we have a dual objective of producing high quality products, while improving the economic status of rural women through innovative and sustainable employment and education.

What’s more, TAMA promotes women’s empowerment, a cause close to our hearts by buying from, working with, and employing women in Northern Ghana. You can learn more about TAMA's supply chain here:

SeKaf Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian-owned and -operated social enterprise that aims to be an innovative leader in the global shea industry. SeKaf use a world-class system of processing, packaging, quality control and logistics to deliver to our customers the finest raw ingredients and shea-based bath and beauty products sourced through an environmentally friendly and ethical supply chain. SeKaf Ghana Limited is committed to improve the economic status of rural women shea pickers and shea butter processors in northern Ghana through innovative and sustainable employment.

Check them out here: http://www.tamacosmetics.com/

Natural, organic, quality.